The most important things to win from betting

To bet on football matches and to make money from betting for me is associated with several very important things. On one hand, you have to have it inside. If you have talent, you will succeed and whether you will be truly successful depends mostly on the discipline and how you cope with the greed.

Besides talent, another very important characteristic of a successful player in sports betting is the hard work. The punter must be like a scientist – to generate hypotheses and carefully examine the results of one or another hypothesis and to make all the necessary conclusions. This leads to improving his knowledge of bets and thus increasing the profits.

For myself I can say that I have no talent for betting. I don’t have the bettingfeeling that would help me to say this game will finish in this or that way. That feeling that tells you where the bookies are wrong and where your chance to find value is.

However, I compensate the luck of talent with hard work. I research and verify dozens of options to play each season. I look for new options for creating betting predictions which will help me to find ways for making money from betting.
For example, the last hypothesis I check is whether you can find value in the matches where the teams are in a sequence of three or more draws. Every morning I check every match from the betting coupon to search for a match where the last three matches for the home or away team or the recent mutual matches are draws. If I find some I bet for a draw there.

You can imagine that in an ordinary day this is at least 15 minutes of work and at the weekends it is about an hour until I check all the matches.

I started a week ago, but I missed the weekend because I was on the road. For this week I discovered eight games, three of which ended with draws again. This gives me a small profit of 8% of the total bank so far, which is quite encouraging.

When I reach 100 matches which is my limit I will write again to confirm if there is any value in this betting system or not.

So, a hard work and some talent is everything you need for successful betting. And I almost forgot the main thing – don’t be greedy.

You can watch the video below for some other important things about how to win from betting.

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