My new betting tactic

About a month ago I decided to start a new tactic in my betting. I decided to bet on only two matches per day and to bet only on them. Basically I tried to bet on matches that bring me odds around 2, but it happened sometimes to bet on 1.7 or 1.8 and sometimes even on draws which gave me odds of about 3.4 to 3.6.

Today, when my new betting tactic has already passed a month I can safely turn back and do something like an analysis. I am aware that one month can’t be enough for a definitive assessment, but I can say that after the first 60 bets everything is OK.

Currently my pure profit is 31% of my new betting tacticoriginal bank which for just 60 bets is great. However, I understand that if I bet on more money I may have weaker results because of the fear that you bet on higher risk. Such fear will inevitably lead to errors, but I will think about that when it comes to me.

It is interesting that it is extremely difficult for me to find two matches on which to bet. Initially, I thought that since I have about 100 matches in the betting coupon every day and at the weekend they are even more, it should be easier, but it is much harder than it looks at first glance.

Another interesting phenomenon is that there are bets which you just see. For example, yesterday played Ajaccio and Paris Saint Germain in France. The odds from the different betting houses were strongly in favour of the millionaires of PSG, but somehow I was sure that Ajaccio will take something from this match. Therefore, I bet for a win for Ajaccio with +1 goal advantage on Asian Handicap and the final result was 0-0.

My idea is that for these bets you don’t need statistics or news from the teams. It is like the game itself tells you that the odds given by the betting houses are not correct and you can win from that.

Anyway, I keep my fingers crossed and I hope my good betting streak to continue, but I know it will be very difficult. Here is a video about different tactics I have tried.

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